2017 Films


A modern tale of Aram a Boston-based journalist and blogger, who visits Armenia on the eve of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, where he meets by coincidence Anet from France, a regular follower of his blog. A beautiful romance emerges that ties the two to their native homeland.

Romance | 119 min | Armenia | Dir: Vahe Yan, Lilit Martirosyan | PG 13+ | Armenian with English subtitles

Heads of state (ARAJIN DEMQ)

Grigor (Aram MP3) is an unemployed journalist who blames everyone but himself for his problems, from his love life to government policies. But everything changes when he wakes up as the President of Armenia! Starring Aram Sargsyan (Aram MP3) and written by Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan (ArmComedy).

Comedy | 130 min | Armenia | Dir: Hrant Yeritskinyan | PG 13+ | Armenian with English subtitles


A colourful animation of good versus evil, beautiful songs and humour. King Vachagan of Ancient Armenia falls in love with Anahit, a simple country girl. She refuses to marry him until he also learns a craft. He learns to weave carpets, and meanwhile his Uncle Azar tries to conquer the throne using his black powers. Who will save the King? Come dressed in Prince and Princess costumes, to meet the real-life Anahit!

Animation | 86 min | Armenia | Dir: David Sahakyants, Lyulya Sahakyants | G | Armenian with English subtitles


In honour of the 25 year anniversary of the liberation of Shushi in Artsakh. KYANK U KRIV is set against the backdrop of the Artsakh war. Tigran, a shy young man loses the girl he loves. In going to war against Azerbaijan, he is forced to mature and overcome his inner fears.

Drama | 150 min | Armenia | Dir: Mger Mkrtchyan | PG 13+| Armenian with English subtitles

The Shadow of Ararat (LE SOMBRA DE ARARAT)

A fascinating documentary following the scattering of the Armenian people around the world after the genocide, and finding success in the diaspora. Interviews with successful Armenians who have excelled in their chosen fields of art, sport, music and business, including Charles Aznavour, Ara Malikian, Robert Guediguian and Emile Lahoud amongst others.

Documentary | 58 min | Spain | Dir: Miguel Angel Nieto, Hugo Herrera | PG | Spanish with English subtitles


In 2015, a Turkish woman named Maya discovers that her great grandmother was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. The documentary follows Maya as she decides to go to Armenia to take part in the 100th Anniversary commemoration of the genocide and to explore her conflicted identity. Shortlisted for an Academy Award Nomination in 2016.

Documentary | 40 min | Turkey, Armenia | Dir: Nare Mkrtchyan | PG | Turkish, Armenian, English subtitles


In KYANK U KRIV 2, the friends are reunited 25 years later, to find they are still living the consequences of war. Through the destinies of the central characters, KYANK U KRIV 2 shows the long path we pass in 25 years.

KYANK U KRIV 2 (THE LINE 2: 25 YEARS LATER) I Drama | 147 min | Armenia | Dir: Mger Mkrtchyan | PG 13+
| Armenian with English subtitles


The first major motion picture based on true events surrounding the devastating Spitak earthquake that shook Armenia (then part of the Soviet Union), on 7th December, 1988. From the director of AMERICAN HEIST and the producer of THE CUT.

Drama | 101 min | Armenia/Russia | Dir: Sarik Andreasyan | M 15+ | Armenian with English subtitles


Academy Award nominated director Joe Berlinger’s partner film to THE PROMISE, entwining behind-the-scenes footage with an unwavering exploration of the history of the Armenian Genocide. Berlinger pushes deeper into the tangled web of a century of denial by the Turkish government, its strategic allies and even Hollywood. A must see.

Documentary | 120 min / USA / Dir: Joe Berlinger / PG 13+ | English

How to Cross from Jiliz to Jiliz

An official border divides the village of Jiliz, with Armenia on one side and Georgia on the other. Lousine dreams of reuniting with her relatives on the other side.

Documentary | 15 min | Armenia | Dir: Sona Kocharyan, Marine Kocharyan


True story of 83 year old Lena living alone in the deserted rural village of Skhtorashen in Arstakh.

Documentary | 18 min | Artsakh | Dir: Garegin Papoyan

The Simon's Way

Relatives on either side of the closed border between Armenia and Turkey communicate on large pieces of paper, through binoculars.

Drama | 35 min | Armenia | Dir: Edgar Baghdasarian