Armenian Short Films

Կարճ ֆիլմեր

Saturday 25 August

120 min (total) | Short Films | Suitable for ages 18+

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Mariam’s Day Off


Drama | 45 min |  Country: Armenia  |  Suitable for ages 18+

Armenian with English subtitles

Director:  Arshak Amirbekyan​ ​

A young prostitute meets an artist in the park, gets invited to a modelling session in his apartment, and meets his family. She finds herself in a rather new and exciting world of artists, but when night falls, she has to return to her regular life in the park.

Cemile’s Obsession

Cemile's Obsession.jpg

Drama | 15 min |  Country: Turkey 

Turkish with English subtitles

Director:  Deniz Ozden ​

An intriguing film dealing with neighbours and new encounters. A Turkish woman must confront her lifelong religious beliefs, with some assistance from her granddaughter. By Turkish filmmaker Deniz Ozden.

Le Tcheurek de Vartouche


Drama | 9 min |  Country: Armenia, France

French with English subtitles

Director: Gerard Boyadjian​

Cheureg – a traditional brioche made by many Armenians at Easter, is not a simple cheureg to filmmaker Gerard Boyadjian, yet a recipe that connects generations, arouses senses and explores memories of childhood. A sentimentally directed film that retells a story of love and memory between generations.

The Pomegranate Tree


Drama, Animation | 4min | Country: Canada | 2017


Director:  Anna Maria Mouradian

A creative short animation film that shares the story of a small culture that spreads its wings all around the world, a culture that keeps growing, as pomegranate seeds do.

The Piano

The Piano.jpg

Comedy | 27min | Country: Armenia

Armenian with English subtitles

Director:  Levon Minassian ​

Set in a remote Armenian village, a grand piano is delivered by the Ministry of Culture, to enable a young girl to practice for her piano competition. The piano does not fit through the door so it stays outside, where the young girl practices to the delight of the villagers. An endearing film.

The Orphan Tree

The Orphan Tree.jpg

Drama | 15 min |  Country: France

French with English subtitles

Director: Gerard Boyadjian​

A heart-warming portrayal of the indescribable love and impact a grandfather has. ORPHAN TREE is Boyadjian’s tribute to his grandfather, a film he wanted to make before it was too late to capture. A beautiful story that any grandchild would identify with – regardless of age.

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