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Aznavour: Autobiographie

A momentous documentary honoring the life of legendary Charles Aznavour. Combining imagery, dialogue and song, this feature follows the private and public story of a career that spanned a lifetime and inspired millions. The close relationship between the singer and filmmaker allows for a unique, intimate portrait that should not be missed. Discover Aznavour’s special relationship with Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli and Ray Charles. A must-see for all those who wish to honour the singer’s memory. 

Documentary | 92min | France | 2018 | Dir: Marc Di Domenico | 15+ | French with English subtitles


The latest feature from Armenian cinema royalty Michael Poghosyan, this magical tale follows the journey of the highly revered, yet monstrously egocentric stage actor Lorik. Living in a fantasy world of played roles, Lorik is his characters on and off the stage with a single mindedness that pushes his loved ones away. When a behind the scenes deal threatens his beloved theatre, a freak accident leaves Lorik with the magical ability of jumping from one body to another and experiencing everything that person experiences. Journeying down a rabbit hole of experiences from friend to foe, will challenge Lorik's missing empathy and become his greatest performance. 

Drama | 95min | Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Alexey Zlobin | 15+ | Armenian with English subtitles

We are Egyptian Armenians

A fascinating documentary about how Egypt has been a special homeland for Armenians. The film looks at the stories that were transmitted from generation to generation and how the community preserved their language, culture and heritage by building their own schools, sporting clubs and churches. Furthermore, it reveals how the Armenians contributed to the Egyptian social and economic life and enriched their new homeland.

Documentary | 86 min | Egypt | 2016 | Dir: Waheed Sobhi | Ages 15+ | Arabic with English subtitles


Searching was released globally in 2018, grossing $75M at the box office and receiving critical acclaim. This special screening by award-winning Armenian screenwriter/producers Sev Ohanian and Natalie Qasabian gives audiences a chance to see the film (and meet the filmmakers!). David Kim (John Cho) becomes desperate when his 16-year-old daughter, Margot, disappears and an immediate police investigation leads nowhere. He soon decides to search the one place that no one else has: Margot's laptop. Hoping to trace her digital footprints, David contacts her friends and looks at photos and videos for any possible clues to her whereabouts, discovering more questions than answers.

Drama/Thriller | 102min | USA | 2018 | Dir: Aneesh Chaganty | Ages 15+ | English

My Big Fat Armenian Family

A laugh-out-loud slapstick comedy about the craziness of Armenian families!
Before jumping head first into the American film industry, when writer/producer of Searching Sev Ohanian was 18-years-old he began making short comedic videos about his Armenian culture that he uploaded to You Tube. These videos became incredibly popular and led to him writing, directing and producing the feature film My Big Fat Armenian Family at the age of 20 with a budget of $800. This film found international success both financially and critically, with an almost cult-like following. Sydney audiences are in for a treat! Join fellow Armenians to proudly laugh at ourselves adn our parents on the big screen!

Comedy | 100min | USA | 2008 | Dir: Sev Ohanian | Ages 15+ | Armenian with English subtitles

Moskvich, My Love

Hamo, an old farmer lives with his wife in a remote village in the mountains of Armenia. The money their son sends them from Russia just allows them to survive. But Hamo nourishes a dream of acquiring a Moskvich, the most beautiful car in the world, the one the Soviets had promised and that he never had. The Soviet Union is gone, but Hamo's dream remains. He learns that there is one for sale in a nearby village…

Drama | 87 min | Armenia, France | 2014 | Dir: Aram Shabazyan | PG | Armenian with English subtitles

Ludwig the Hedgehog

Arthur is a successful lawyer with one goal in life – winning. He doesn’t care if his defendant is innocent or guilty. For him, life consists of predators and prey, and he is determined never to be the prey. Arthur meets Mary, a wheelchair bound translator of fiction who lives in the care of her devoted admirer Karen, a struggling actor and Arthur's good friend. Arthur and Mary don't see eye to eye ... at first. Perhaps she can make him a better man. But Arthur’s happiness might just come at the price of betrayal.

Drama | 87min | Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Mher Mkrtchyan | Ages 15+ | Armenian with English subtitles

Coming Home

A touching tale of a six year old boy who's father is away fighting in the Artsakh war, and who has become the 'man of the house'. When his father returns home to the village, his son is faced with the unexpected struggle of suddenly having another male as the head of the family, and a man he does not remember. A psychological conflict takes place as father and son try to find their place and once again become a complete family.   A heart wrenching and joyous film that will stay with you long after the credits roll. 

Drama | 87min | Russia/Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Darya Shumakova | Ages 15+ | Armenian with English subtitles

Hotel Gagarin

A comedy about a group of Italian filmmakers who are sent to Armenia to shoot a film, hoping it will be their big break. When they arrive, a war breaks out and their crooked producer vanishes along with all their money. Now abandoned in the secluded Hotel Gagarin and buried under snow, the team finds an original and unexpected opportunity of unforgettable happiness. An Italian production with Armenian heart.

Comedy | 93min | Armenia/Italy | 2018 | Dir: Simone Spada | Ages 15+ | Italian with English subtitles

Armenia Uncovered

Award-winning entertainer and comedian Kev Orkian takes us on a fun-filled journey to Armenia, a country with unbelievable hospitality, rich history, and unique culture. Kev travels through ancient towns of Armenia and Artsakh, exploring beautiful cities, diverse religious architecture and breathtaking landscapes while tasting mouth-watering food. Among those interviewed are Henrikh Mkhitaryan, pop-sensation Sirusho and the late Charles Aznavour. One for the whole family.

Documentary | 78min | Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Andy Simon | PG | English

Coming from the end: April Diaries

A soldier-photographer returns physically from the April War, but only five months after his return is he able to open his April Diary for the world.

Documentary | 7min | Armenia | 2017 | Dir: Hasmik Smbatyan | Ages 15+ | Armenian with English subtitles

Under the Walnut Tree

The story of a boy who is displaced after the massacres of this family. Loosely based on the childhood of Shahan Natalie, a survivor of the Hamidian massacres who became one of the chief strategists of Operation Nemesis.

Animation | 6 min | USA/Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Leah Bedrossian Peterson


Motherland follows a group of women who work full-time clearing Artsakh of landmines for the HALO trust. These courageous women put their lives at risk, yet still face stigma of independent, working women in this traditional country. Motherland follows not only their dangerous work, but also the pain of their pasts and their dreams for the future of their children and their country.

Documentary | 20min | Artsakh | 2017 | Dir: Emily Mkrtichian, Jesse Soursourian | Ages 15+ | Armenian with
English subtitles

Musa Dagh: The Road Home

A fascinating documentary of the descendants of the brave Musa Dagh (Musa Mountain) survivors, who make the pilgrimage to the land of their ancestors. During the 1915 Armenian Genocide, the residents of six villages surrounding Musa Dagh resisted the Ottoman aggressors and survived the genocide. The descendants of these brave Armenians return to the land of their ancestors to uphold their traditions against a challenging backdrop in Turkey.

Documentary | 53min | Armenia | 2016 | Dir: Mariam Ohanian

My New Year

Based on the filmmaker's childhood memories of the devastating 1988 Spitak earthquake. A father and his two children are left without a home or their beloved wife and mother. By the New Year’s eve, the family is settled in a makeshift home as the father struggles to find strength to live on for the sake of his children.

Drama | 27min | Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Arusyak Simonyan

Her Revolution

Told from the perspective of Anna Hakobyan, the wife of Nikol Pashinyan, about the events of April-May of 2018 that came to be known as the Velvet Revolution. Her family's life, closely knit with her husband’s political life, leading up to regime change in Armenia.

Documentary | 18min | Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Nvard Hovhannisyan

Way Back Home

A road-documentary filmed in Armenia in 2016, when Canadian-Armenian actress Arsinee Khanjian found herself detained in Yerevan together with dozens of others, sounding a wake up call for the Armenian Diaspora. World renowned Armenian celebrities - singer Serj Tankian, filmmaker Atom Egoyan, actress Arsinée Khanjian, comedian Vahé Berberian and filmmaker Eric Nazarian joined forces to address civic rights issues in Armenia and observe the Parliamentary Elections in 2017.

Documentary | 33min | Armenia | 2018 | Dir: Seda Grigoryan