Aznavour: Autobiographie

Friday 6 September 7:30pmSpecial Tribute

A special evening in honour of the first anniversary of the death of Charles Aznavour. Sydney session includes a live music performance.

Friday 18 October 6:45pmSpecial Tribute

92 min | Documentary | France | 2018 | Marc Di Domenico | Suitable for age 15+ | French with English subtitles

A momentous documentary honoring the life of legendary Charles Aznavour. Combining imagery, dialogue and song, this feature follows the private and public story of a career that spanned a lifetime and inspired millions. The close relationship between the singer and filmmaker allows for a unique, intimate portrait that should not be missed.

Discover Aznavour’s special relationship with Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli and Ray Charles. A must-see for all those who wish to honour the singer’s memory.