2020 Film

In the course of history, few revolutions have been successful, let alone without Bloodshed. Led by a charismatic former journalist and political prisoner, Nikol Pashinyan galvanized a non-violent civil disobedience protest centred on human rights and womens rights, with the aid of social media. In a short period of 6 weeks, a corrupt oligarchy was toppled and democracy restored. Deemed nothing short of a miracle, BLOODLESS is a riveting political thriller, capturing the story of the velvet revolution in Armenia as it unfolds, in the spring of 2018.

Bared Maronian | USA | 2020 | 90 min | Documentary | English, Armenian with English subtitles | Suitable for 15+

Bared Maronian is a four time Regional Emmy Award winning, American Armenian documentary filmmaker. His production credits include multi-award winning national, regional, and local television programming for the American PBS network spanning over twenty years. His earlier productions include ‘Orphans of the Genocide’ and ‘Women of 1915’. ORPHANS OF THE GENOCIDE has reached over 50.6 million households through national television broadcasting and satellite distribution, and has been translated into several languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Armenian and Romanian. It has been officially selected by over twenty international film festivals, and has screened in a large number of universities, colleges, school systems, museums, libraries and communities in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt and others. WOMEN OF 1915 delineates the plight and survival of the Armenian women during the Genocide of 1915 and all those non-Armenian women who flocked into the killing fields of the genocide and rescued thousands of Armenian women and children. Bared Maronian’s latest film BLOODLESS, a documentary film about Armenia’s 2018 peaceful revolution has already won multiple awards at film festivals worldwide.