Sunday 20 August

86 min | Animation, Adventure, Family | Country: Armenia | G
Armenian with English subtitles


Directors: David Sahakyants, Lyulya Sahakyants
Writers: David Sahakyants, Lyulya Sahakyants
Stars: Mkrtich Arzumanyan, David Babayan, Nazeni Hovhannisyan

The tale about King Vachagan of Ancient Armenia who falls in love with Anahit, a simple country girl. She refuses to marry him saying he must be more than just a king – the king must first learn a craft. Vachagan learns to weave carpets, and meanwhile, his Uncle Azar tries to conquer the throne while the King is busy, and uses his black powers to choose the path of the traitor.

Who will save the king? Who will become the one to show that nothing goes unpunished in Ancient Armenia?

ANAHIT is a classic Disney-style animation film, with the storyline of good and evil characters, beautiful songs, humour – a film for children and adults alike.

Cinema guests are invited to come dressed in their Prince or Princess costumes to meet a real-life Anahit!!

The tale ANAHIT is by the great writer Ghazaros Aghayan and it comes with a simple message: “Who knows what can happen in life? The master can become a servant, even if he once was a king. Every person should learn a craft, whether he is a king or a servant”.

It is eventually Vachagan’s skill which saves his life as he is taken prisoner and sends woven messages to Anahit.

The film is made by the children of Robert Sahakyants, (1950-2009), the famous Armenian animator, and director of more than 30 animation films. Today, Sahakyants’s work continues through his wife and three children at their production company — along with other talented people, some of whom were his pupils.

David Sahakyants says ANAHIT is a synthesis of Robert Sahakyants’s style, which is recognisable and unique, and the style of their group of 25.