Head of State

Առաջին Դեմք

Saturday 19 August
Film starts at 7:00 pm

130 min | Comedy | Country: Armenia | PG 13+


Director: Hrant Yeritskinyan
Writers: Narek Margaryan, Sergey Sargsyan
Stars: Aram Sargsyan (Aram MP3), Anna Grigoryan, Sergey Sargsyan,
David Tadevosyan

Grigor Astvatsatryan is an unemployed journalist who avoids responsibility and keeps blaming everyone but himself for problems in his love life and bad policies of the Government. But everything changes when he wakes up as the President of Armenia and has the power to change everything he wishes. Amidst the making of wild reforms and crazy decisions, Grigor has to conquer the love of his life all over again and uncover a terrifying conspiracy.

Starring the well-known singer-songwriter Aram MP3 and written by Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan of ArmComedy fame (including appearances by both), and featuring a witty script, endearing characters, HEAD OF STATE is a comedy that is sure to please.

This is a Gala Event to celebrate the launch of the 2017 Armenian Film Festival. The ticket price of $40 includes the film, Vmax theatre reserved seating and exclusive launch party at the Events Bar.