Aznavour: Autobiographie

Friday 6 September 7:30pmSpecial Tribute

A special evening in honour of the first anniversary of the death of Charles Aznavour. Sydney session includes a live music performance.

PLUS an incredible live performance by the classical jazz singer JONNY OHAN who will perform a repertoire of some of Aznavour’s most iconic songs.

Friday 18 October 6:45pmSpecial Tribute

92 min | Documentary | France | 2018 | Marc Di Domenico | Suitable for age 15+ | French with English subtitles

A momentous documentary honoring the life of legendary Charles Aznavour. Combining imagery, dialogue and song, this feature follows the private and public story of a career that spanned a lifetime and inspired millions. The close relationship between the singer and filmmaker allows for a unique, intimate portrait that should not be missed.
Discover Aznavour’s special relationship with Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli and Ray Charles. A must-see for all those who wish to honour the singer’s memory.

In honour of the great Charles Aznavour, the Sydney screening of AZNAVOUR: AUTOBIOGRAPHIE will feature a LIVE PERFORMANCE by the one and only JONNY OHAN. Jonny, a classical jazz, swing and cabaret singer, inspired by the legends of jazz and growing up in an Armenian household with Aznavour records playing constantly in his home, is the perfect match for this unforgettable evening. Singing with an old world charm beyond his years, Jonny will perform a repertoire of some of Aznavour’s most iconic songs.

Don’t miss this unforgettable night to honour the legacy of the great Charles Aznavour, on the first anniversary of his passing.