Coming Home

Sat, 14 Sep 6:30PM

Sunday, 20 Oct, 3:30 PM

Coming Home will be screened with two Artsakh-based short documentaries, ‘Motherland’ and ‘Coming From the End: April Diaries’, as part of our Spotlight on Artsakh. 

87 min | Drama | Russia, Armenia | 2018 | Darya Shumakova | Suitable for all ages | Armenian with English subtitles

A touching tale of a six year old boy who’s father is away fighting in the Artsakh war, and who has become the ‘man of the house’. When his father returns home to the village, his son is faced with the unexpected struggle of suddenly having another male as the head of the family, and a man he does not remember. A psychological conflict takes place as father and son try to find their place and once again become a complete family.   A heart wrenching and joyous film that will stay with you long after the credits roll. 

Coming Home will be preceded by two short Artsakh based documentaries, Motherland and Coming from the End: April Diaries, shining a spotlight on Artsakh. A session not to be missed!