Artsakh Strong

On 27th September, 2020, Azerbaijan, backed by Turkey started unprovoked attacks of the Armenian Republic of Artsakh. Since that time, over half the population of Artsakh has been displaced, hundreds of lives lost and severe damage has been caused. As fighting continues, civilian settlements have come under attack, churches bombed and disturbing war crimes committed by the aggressors. However the people of Artsakh remain defiant, and they need our help.

Profit from this event will support the efforts on the ground to help the people of Artsakh find peace for Armenians and support their needs at this tumultuous time. All profits from this event will be donated to the All Armenia Fund via This charity is endorsed by the governments of both Armenia and Artsakh.

Merchandise for sale

Artsakh tshirts are available for sale through Sticky Tickets website. All profits from these will be donated to the Hayastan All Armenian Fund. Tshirts can be picked up from the Events Cinema Top Ryde on screening day. Tshirts are supplied by Agateh Giftshop – a local Armenian business operating out of Melbourne. Visit them for Armenian gifts