Genre: Animation, family

Year: 2020

Run Time: 74 Minutes

Country: Armenia

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Director: David Sahakyants, Hayk Sahakyants 

Classification: Recommended PG

Language: Armenian with English subtitles

Session times: 

  • MEL 4 JUN 3:00PM
  • SYD 18 JUN 2:00PM (S1)
  • SYD 19 JUN 2:00PM (S2)

SYNOPSIS: Olympicos, an animated comedy, is based on real historical events, and tells the story of the athletic triumphs of the Armenian King Varazdat of the Arshakunyats dynasty. The King of Armenia received an invitation from Greece to send the best boxer of the country to compete in the Olympic Games in Greece. Inspired by his athletic past, the King decides to travel to Greece to participate in the Olympics, joined by the Royal family. Their journey is full of adventure, including challenges presented by the King’s enemy Molator. The King’s strong spirit and his loyal family help him overcome obstacles and achieve a brilliant victory in the Olympics! King Varazdat becomes a champion in boxing winning the honorary title of Olympicos, in 394 AD. A marble plaque and statue honouring King Varazdat can be seen in the Olympic Games Museum in Olympia, Greece to this very day. Don’t miss this fun film full of laughs, adventure, and triumph, with a fascinating story for young and young at heart!

CONTENT WARNING: This film depicts scenes that may be scary for small children. Parental guidance is advised.