Genre: Historical drama

Year: 2019

Run Time: 87 Minutes

Country: Armenia, Russia

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Director: Yusup Razykov

Classification: Recommended M15+

Language: Russian, Armenian with English subtitles

Session times: 

  • MEL 5 JUN 1:00PM
  • SYD 19 JUN 4:30PM

SYNOPSIS: The highly anticipated historical drama about the brilliant composer Aram Khachaturian. Set in the cold autumn of 1942 amidst World War II, in the face of Soviet censorship and with the German Army advancing. This raw film transports the viewer to the Kirov Ballet theatre, in Soviet Russia, to the reality of life for Khachaturian.  As tense preparations are underway for the premiere of his ballet Gayane, remarkably, the pressures of war are unable to halt his genius as he creates, in 8 hours, one of the most famous compositions in all of history – the famed Sabre Dance

Directed by Yusup Razykov and produced by Ruben Dishdishyan (Earthquake, The Cut).

CONTENT WARNING: This film depicts scenes of drug abuse and contains sexual references. Viewer discretion is advised.